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wealth growth

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Ever wanted more from your investment?
It’s time to build your personalized portfolio and generate social and environmental impact with competitive financial returns!

Invest in what you care about

Select your sustainable global themes and your financial goals, we will build a portfolio of top-performing funds that aim to create value by investing in companies with innovative products, services, and solutions.

Track your investment at 360°

Access your financial performance anytime and anywhere. See your social and environmental impact. There is so much more to know about your investments – aren’t you curious?

sustainable finance select and track
Be smart, invest with Physis
we are responsible
Active Management

We actively manage security selection and asset allocation in consideration of market opportunity and risk

we are transparent
Sustainable Impact

We invest with a unique 3-dimensional approach to Enhance Return - Limit Risk - Measure Positive Impact

we are transparent

We offer customized investing and savings plans to help you get the most from your money

we are transparent
Full Disclosure

You have access anytime and anywhere to your investments and you know the exact cost of service

we are transparent
Customer Satisfaction

Our investment support is always available. If you ever have a problem, we will manage it promptly

we are transparent

We are committed to our fiduciary duty. It is our responsibility to manage money in your best interest

Investing has never been so accessible and transparent

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Physis currently running on Beta?
Physis’ technology is under development. Beta means that currently, Physis is not acting as your financial advisor, and no advisor-client relationship is being created by your use of our services at this time.
Why should I sign up for Beta testing?
By signing up on Physis Beta testing, you will be among the first to experience Physis platform for free. Plus, as one of our earliest supporters, you will benefit from unique discounts when the final platform is live!
Can I invest my money under Physis Beta?
No, Physis does not allow you to invest money under Beta testing. But, you will be able to experience the platform’s look and functionality through a model portfolio.